Stillage cage

Compared with ordinary warehouse cages, stillage cages emphasized structural strength, multi-layer stacking, safety and service life. Stillages are widely used by European companies, especially for transportation, packaging, warehouse storage and in-plant turnover between factories.

Stillage cage structure features:

  Half drop gate on one long side
√  Manufactured with mesh sides
√  Corrugated sheet steel braced base
√  Fitted with a sturdy stacking rim
√  Suitable for 1000kg u.d.l. per pallet stackable five units high

Key benefits of stillage containers:

√ Improved access to inventory: half drop down gates for direct access
√ Maximize floor space: vertical storage, stack up to 4 high
√ Fully collapsible: save space when not in use & lower freight costs by transporting more empty containers
√ Collapses/ assemble in seconds and no tool required
√ Forklift can access cage from all sides

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