Wire container

The wire containers are among the most popular items that HML's material handling products. Our wire mesh containers are robotically constructed by welding two-gauge helical hinged wire. The two-inch by two-inch or four-inch by four-inch patterns form strong, dependable and functional basket-like containers to meet unique storage needs. Wire mesh is a fast and economical method of construction. It’s perfect for indoor use as well as some outdoor applications.

Wire container benefits

√ Hold great loads for a lightweight product
√ Provide excellent protection for contents
√ Indestructible for normal handling
√ Maximize folding and stacking
√ Save space when collapsed
√ Easy to move and transport
√ Highly resistant to weather and pollutants
√ Easy to clean and safe to handle
√ Non-toxic and will not transfer contaminants
√ Environmentally friendly and completely recyclable
√ Reusable, time and time again

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